10 Quirky Facts About France You Probably Don’t Know About


Some interesting French quirks from the British perspective, from a buzzing Tuesday night to saying “bonjour” to strangers, this gives some insight into the Franco way of life.

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image - Flickr / Paolo Margari image – Flickr / Paolo Margari

1. There is tax for owning a telly.

In the Tax Declaration there’s a special field where you have to put a tick in a box if you don’t own one. Otherwise, pay extra cash.

2. Everything is closed on May, the 1st: The Labor Day

By everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING, even boulangeries and small corner shops that work at Christmas and on Sunday evening.

In regional cities like Lyon or Besancon – there’s no public transport working on May, 1st. In Paris 80% of regular lines have a day off too.

Do not plan any travels and better stay home.

3. Double taxation for renting an apartment.

You pay it directly to the city budget and it goes for various improvements like new parks, trams, flowers etc. So does, your landlord – for owning a second item of real estate and leasing…

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